Hair on Elk Hide (Second Grade)
Hair on Elk Hide (Second Grade)

Hair on Elk Hide (Second Grade)

**Hair-on Elk Hide - Experience the Untamed Beauty of Nature**

Welcome to Hides and Leathers, your one-stop destination for premium-quality hides and leathers. Discover the allure of the wilderness with our exquisite Hair-on Elk Hide. Sourced sustainably and ethically, this unique crafting material allows you to bring the untamed beauty of nature into your projects.

**Key Features:**

1. **Authentic Elegance:** Our Hair-on Elk Hide showcases the authentic charm of the majestic elk, featuring the natural hair that makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind. The distinct patterns and textures evoke the spirit of the wild and add an element of rustic elegance to your creations.

2. **Superior Quality:** Crafted with attention to detail, our elk hide is handpicked for its premium quality and supple texture. The combination of soft, luxurious fur and durable leather backing ensures durability and comfort in your projects.

3. **Versatile Applications:** Whether you're a seasoned artisan or an aspiring crafter, our Hair-on Elk Hide inspires limitless creativity. From stunning home decor accents to eye-catching fashion accessories, this exceptional material complements a wide range of artistic endeavors.

4. **Ethical Sourcing:** At Hides and Leathers, we prioritize ethical practices in sourcing our hides. Our Hair-on Elk Hide is obtained responsibly, respecting wildlife conservation and ensuring the well-being of these magnificent creatures.

**How to Use Hair-on Elk Hide:**

1. Incorporate the elk hide into your crafting projects to add a touch of wilderness and uniqueness to your designs.

2. Create cozy and stylish throws, pillows, or rugs for a rustic and inviting ambiance in your living space.

3. Fashion one-of-a-kind bags, purses, and footwear that exude a harmonious blend of rugged charm and luxury.

4. Craft striking accessories like belts, cuffs, and jewelry to make a bold statement that celebrates the untamed spirit of nature.

**Caring for Your Hair-on Elk Hide:**

1. Regularly shake or brush the fur gently to maintain its softness and prevent matting.

2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excessive moisture, as it may cause damage to the fur or leather backing.

3. Store the elk hide in a cool, dry place when not in use to preserve its beauty and longevity.

**Embrace the Wild Aesthetic:**

Unleash your creativity and embrace the wild aesthetic with our Hair-on Elk Hide. With its luxurious feel, distinctive patterns, and sustainable sourcing, this hide brings a piece of the wilderness to your artistic ventures. Explore the beauty of nature through our exceptional collection of hides and leathers at Shop now and elevate your craft to new heights!

Small: 12-18 square ft. (aprox. 4'x4')
Medium: 19-25 sq. ft. (aprox. 5'x4')
Large: 26 sq ft to 30 sq. ft. (aprox. 6'x4.5')
Extra Large: 31 sq. ft. (aprox. 6'x6')

We strive to give you a very similar hide from the one photographed. These are sample pictures and not the actual hide.
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Please notice you may find little marks and scars because is a natural product.

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You’ll appreciate the level of customer care and that we’ve a family owned business for over 60 years. Whether you’re looking to give your home a warm touch or decorate with these cowhides, you’ll be one of the happy customers we’ve had.

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The table runner is beautiful. It goes perfect on the table!! Dealing with h Mike was awesome. Just ordered a new rug!! A+++++

Michele Beyer
Los Angeles, CA

Great cow hide. True to description. Amazing customer service. Be buying again soon!

Micah Smoley
Pomona, CA

They sent me photos before shipping out my item to ensure to choose the exact hide I wanted. He was super nice to work with and the quality of my hide is amazing. Shipping was very quick and straightforward. 10/10. Would shop again!


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