7 Cool & Practical DIY Leather Projects

Leather and hair on hides aren’t just for biker gangs or cowboys anymore! Learn how to work with it and you'll see it’s a great way to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe, home and/or office.

Here are 7 DIY projects from around the web to add a splash of leather to your wardrobe, home, office and general style!

Happy crafting!


1.- Lunch Bags

Leather Lunch Bag

Remember those reusable lunch bags from your schooldays? They just got an upgrade! Matching the traditional shape of the brown paper bag, this leather version is anything but. It can even be used as a purse — it’s that cool! (via Lefanciulle)


2.- Bow Belt 

Leather Bow Belt

You get the toughness of leather softened by the sweetness of the bow. A fun, easy-to-do project via A Bit of Sunshine!


3.- Leather Studded Bracelet

Leather studded bracelet

Consider this to be some wrist candy! Very easy to make bracelet with some definite edge for the woman with attitude by The Perfect Pair.


4.- A Minimal Notebook

Leather notebook cover

A super easy way to upgrade your note book. All you need is a piece of leather, some glue, thread and a pair of scissors via Design and Form


5.- Leather Pouch

DIY leather pouch

An easy  DIY leather pouch made for all your little somethings. You can personalize it using leather stamping or painting your name, a pattern, quote, or somehing along those lines. . . Via Poppytalk


6.- Clever Cord Roll

Clever Cord Roll

Keep your cords in order when you travel and in every day life with this easy to make cord roll.  Use you favorite leather, a snap button and you're good to go! Via Brit+Co.


7.- Wood & Leather Suspended Shelf 

Suspended Shelf

The clean lines, unfinished materials, and simple design make this project a gorgeous addition to any space. Via Camille Styles.


Do you DIY with leather? If there are any killer projects out there that we missed, feel free to share in a comment! 

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