Top Ways You can Decorate with Hides

Top Strategies for Decorating with Hides


Decorating with hides is a timeless and versatile technique that adds warmth, texture, and individuality to any space. The natural hues and textures inherent in hides make them suitable for both traditional and modern interiors, creating a rustic yet luxurious appeal. Here are some top strategies for decorating with hides, accompanied by real-life examples of people who have mastered this art.

1. Use Them as Rugs

Perhaps the most common way to decorate with hides is by using them as rugs. They add a warm and inviting touch to any room. Layer them over other rugs to create a more textured and interesting look.

Real-Life Example: Celeb interior designer Kelly Wearstler has been known to employ hide rugs in her design, adding an unexpected texture to the mix of her characteristic modern chic style.

2. Throw Them on Furniture

Draping a hide over a chair, sofa, or bed can make an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture look expensive and well-designed. It can also make the space feel cozy and comfortable.

Real-Life Example: Sherry Hart, an acclaimed interior designer, uses cowhides to drape over chairs or benches, lending an element of organic warmth to her beautiful spaces.

3. Use Them as Wall Art

For a bold and unconventional approach, consider hanging a hide on the wall as art. The natural patterns, colors, and textures can make a stunning visual impact.

Real-Life Example: LA-based artist Tracey Emin is known for her daring and thought-provoking pieces. She once used a zebra hide as a unique wall hanging, adding an eclectic touch to her space.

4. Hide-Patterned Accessories

You don't have to stick with the actual hides. Items with hide patterns, like cushions, lamp shades, or ottomans, can also provide a subtle nod to this style.

Real-Life Example: Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop headquarters showcases a tasteful blend of modern design and organic textures, including leopard print cushions that echo the hide theme in a modern way.

5. Use in Unexpected Ways

Hides can be utilized in many innovative ways like covering a coffee table top, lining a bar, or even as a bedspread.

Real-Life Example: Nate Berkus, the renowned interior designer, once transformed an unremarkable coffee table into a statement piece by adorning it with a hide.

6. Mix and Match

Experiment with different types and colors of hides in the same room. Mixing and matching hides can create a vibrant, eclectic space that still feels unified and coordinated.

Real-Life Example: Amber Lewis, of Amber Interiors, successfully mixes cowhides with sheepskins to create an eclectic but harmonious feel in her laid-back California designs.


Why This is GREAT for Your Home or Office?

Remember, the key to decorating with hides is balance. While they make a statement, they should not overpower the room. As demonstrated by these design luminaries, with a touch of creativity and a bit of daring, hides can be a stunning addition to your interior decor, imparting an enduringly stylish aesthetic.



  1. Can I layer my rugs? You can layer rugs of any kind but we suggest layering rugs that have similar tones.
  2. Can I use different sizes of rugs? We love mixing and matching - and you can use a mini hide or a calf skin on top of a cowhide for a varied look.
  3. What's the best way to ensure they stay looking shiny and soft? You can use a steamer to maintain suppleness and also an iron to keep the wrinkles out. Simply place a thin towel and check on a small patch first!


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