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This Holiday Season 🎁

We've maintained a legacy of exceptional craftsmanship for over 50 years, stemming from our roots in operating our own tannery since 1950, now flourishing into the third generation.

Our unmatched passion and expertise in craftsmanship, combined with our commitment to customer satisfaction, make you an integral part of the Hides & Leathers family.

Transform your home during the holidays.

Add a touch of originality to your home with these high quality, genuine cowhide rugs. These carefully selected pieces are sure to last decades.

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Add warmth to any room.

Sheepskin, cashmere and angora are so versatile they can be used in baby products and can keep your home comfy and cozy all year.

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Capture a touch of the Wild West.

Buffalo rugs are a timeless and unique addition to any home decor. These hides have a rich texture unlike any other hide and what makes them so versatile as rugs, throws, bedspreads and more.

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